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Coldwell Banker Dinsmore Associates has specialized in waterfront properties for nearly 40 years. We understand the unique lifestyle that can only be experienced by living near the water.

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The lakes and ponds of southern New Hampshire are a great place to make lasting friendships in neighborhoods that are unique. You will find both elegant million-dollar homes in upscale waterfront neighborhoods and more eclectic homes set on narrow private roads that wind along the shoreline. The mix of seasonal and year round residences make for a place where you can kick back and relax without the need to keep up with the Jones.

Whether it's taking a cocktail cruise at dusk, fishing early in the morning as the mist rises off the water, skimming over the waves on water-skis, or just watching the peaceful flight of a Great Blue Heron, you will come to appreciate the unique benefits of lakeside living. Where else can you have a year-round vacation at your doorstep? The list of recreational opportunities is endless.

If you're considering either purchasing of selling a waterfront property in southern New Hampshire, you should definitely talk with a company that understands waterfront living. The sales professionals at Prudential Dinsmore Associates, REALTORS® will be able to offer their unique insights that will help guide you in your search for waterfront property.

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Cobbett's Pond | Windham NH

Cobbett's Pond is located in the desirable town of Windham and is a beautiful spring fed lake. It consists of approximately 335 acres. It is about two miles long and is divided in two by the "Narrows," into what as known as the Big Pond and the Little Pond. Bordered by the enclosing slopes of nearby hills, which form the border of the lake intersected as it were by jutting points and receding coves. It is a full recreational lake, which allows both motorboats and jet skis. There is a great diversity of waterfront property available on the lake ranging from seasonal cottages to million dollar lakeside homes. The homes located around the shore are part of the Cobbett's Pond Village District. This quasi-government body raises taxes for maintenance of the dam and water quality initiatives.

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Canobie Lake - Salem and Windham NH

Canobie Lake is located in both Windham and Salem. It is a spring fed lake, which is about 373 acres in size. Along the shoreline in Windham you'll find a wide variety of waterfront homes including waterfront estate homes on Woodvue Road. On the Salem side there are many waterfront neighborhoods as well as the Canobie Lake Amusement Park. Canobie is a public water supply so no swimming is allowed. This makes Canobie a much more quiet lake and there are two nesting pair of loon to be seen and heard along the shoreline. Boating is allowed along with sailing, fishing and skating.

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Rock Pond - Windham NH

Escape to the solitude to be found on this wonderful little lake in Windham. Just 34 acres in size but located in a quiet natural setting. There are no power boats allowed so you'll enjoy a peaceful atmosphere and friendly waterfront neighborhoods on narrow private roads. Both seasonal and year round homes can be found here.

Arlington Pond | Salem NH

Arlington Pond is a 319-acre reservoir located in the town of Salem. It is a full recreation lake with both boating and swimming. The pond was created in the 1920's when the Arlington Mills built a new dam to take advantage of the water Spicket River which flows from Big Island Pond. In 1980, the rights to Arlington Pond were aquired by the town of Salem. The dam was repaired and the lake was dredged. Today, the lake serves as a beautiful recreation body of water as well as supplying a portion of the water needs for the town of Salem.  

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Big Island Pond | Derry, Hampstead and Atkinson NH

Big Island Pond is one of the largest lakes in southern New Hampshire. It is located within the towns of Hampstead, Atkinson and Derry. It is approximately 497 acres in size. Governors Island sits in the middle of the lake. There are many small coves and winding shoreline. It is a full recreational lake with motor boating.

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Sunset Lake – Hampstead

Sunset lake is located in the town of Hampstead.

Little Island Pond - Pelham

Little Island Pond is a 155-acre lake located in the town of Pelham. Crystal clear

Beaver Lake - Derry

Beaver Lake is a 133-acre lake located in the town of Derry. The town has installed sewer lines to the neighborhoods around the lake in an effort to improve water quality.

Depth Maps of Southern New Hampshire Lakes

Depth maps of many lakes and ponds in New Hampshire can be found on the New Hampshire Fish and Game website. Follow the link below and print out your own map of your favorite lake.

Depth Maps of Selected NH Lakes and Ponds - N.H. Fish and Game
N.H. Fish and Game Department - Welcome

Water Quality of New Hampshire Lakes & Ponds.

Information about the water quality of New Hampshire's lakes and ponds may be obtained from the New Hampshire Department of Environmental Services, "Water Division." Their publication, "Quality of New Hampshire Lakes and Ponds, A Layman's Guide," is available to be purchased by interested parties.

NHDES Watershed Management Bureau

Selling or Purchasing a Waterfront Property

A state of New Hampshire statute known as “The Comprehensive Shoreline Protection Act” protects the Shoreline around New Hampshire's lakes and ponds. This acts regulates development and other issues in order to protect the water quality of New Hampshire's lakes and ponds. The act also regulates the clearing of land and cutting of trees along the shoreline. Further information can be obtained at the NH DES at (603) 271-7109.

Docks along the shoreline are also regulated by the state. If you are considering a house with "lake rights" or a R.O.W. to the water, there may be limitations to docking or mooring boats.

Shoreland Protection Program - New Hampshire Department of Environmental Services

Selling or Purchasing Waterfront Property: Prior to selling any property with a sewerage disposal system located within 200 feet of a Great Pond (defined by law as public waters greater than 10 acres), the owner must engage a licensed sewage disposal designer to perform a site assessment study to determine if the site meets current standards for a sewage disposal system. The study may also provide information about the current septic system located on the property.

There are no requirements that current septic systems meet any specific guidelines. The purpose of the report is for disclosure to potential buyers of the property. Further information about the site assessment study can be obtained from the NH Department of Environmental Services at 603-271-3711.

Potential buyers of waterfront property should be aware that local zoning ordinances may also govern what can be done with the property. It is important to know whether the town considers the property “seasonal” or “year-round”. This status may have an effect on how you can use the property. For further information and handy phone numbers click on i-central on this web site.






Postcard view of Cobbett's Pond


Postcard view of Canobie Lake


There are state and local regulations that affect residential property on New Hampshire’s lakes and ponds. “The Shoreline Protection Act” is a state regulation that affects development along lakes and ponds including cutting of trees along the shoreline. A “Site Assessment Study” is required when selling any waterfront property. Water quality of lakes and ponds varies. Reports are available from the State of New Hampshire. 
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