Our exclusive Home-Selling System has a unique Windham focus that will get your home shown and sold.

Coldwell Banker Dinsmore Associates offers an exclusive home-selling system that has a unique focus on Windham New Hampshire. When you list your home with us, your marketing and pricing strategy will be perfectly customized to ensure that your home is shown and sold. Why not take a few moments to quickly review our system and see how it will work to sell your home or if you prefer arrange to have a pricing and marketing report completed on your home right now.
You want to sell your home for the best price and in the least amount of time possible. We have a proven system for getting Windham homes shown and sold. Before you pick up the phone to call, you must have a solid idea of what attributes will be important to you in selling your home. PLEASE, PLEASE, don't think that marketing homes is easy or that all agents and companies are pretty much the same. THEY ARE NOT! Real estate companies offer varying levels of experience and skills. We have over thirty-five years of success selling Windham homes just like yours. We have a high level of expertise in using the internet to get our listings shown and sold. Our office is based in Windham and we know all of the positive features that Windham has to offer potential home-buyers.
ONE LAST WORD OF ADVICE, JUST BECAUSE YOU KNOW SOMEBODY IN THE BUSINESS, DOES NOT NECESSARILY MEAN THEY ARE THE PEOPLE YOU SHOULD TRUST TO SELL YOUR HOME! You need to find an agent and a company with the experience and skills to get your home sold. This isn't about friendship, this isn't about family, it's a business transaction with thousands of dollars of your hard earned money on the line.
Step 1: Set a strategic price on your home.
Getting your home priced right--right from the start--is critical. If you price your home to high it may take longer to sell, might sell for less than was possible in first sixty days or might not sell at all.
We do not leave the pricing process to guesswork. Using a state of the art, comprehensive, comparative market analysis, you will have all of the full details of competing and sold homes with color photographs at your fingertips. Plus you will have our guidance to to create a strategy for the best price point to debut on the market. 

Step 2: Have an Online Campaign to "be found" by Buyers looking for Windham Homes.

Top search rankings on "google" for important Windham search Results

It is important to you as the seller of a home in Windham to have it listed with a real estate company that is front and center when a potential Windham home buyer searches online. In categories like "Windham Real Estate," Cobbett's Pond Real Estate" and Canobie Lake Real Estate" we most often have a top search ranking or effective advertising placement. Our exclusive listings, have primary placement and their print advertising directs smart phone users to our listings. 

 Step 3: Use a combination of print advertising and online marketing to get your home sold.

Advertising costs money, maybe that's why some real estate agents like to say it doesn't work anymore?

Some real estate agents like to say that print advertising is dead. While it is true that the internet is the new main street, where buyers often begin their search for a home, we also have found that print advertising can be an effective tool in getting your home sold. Here is just one example: 

Step 4: Make sure your home is listed on all the top online real estate sites.

Your home seen on hundreds of sites in addition to CBDinsmore.com

We have an online synidcation plan that insures that our listings are found on the top real estate sites online including, Realtor.com, Trulia, Zillow, Homes.com, and hundreds of others including our competitors web-sites. Rest assured, if buyers are searching online, they are going to find your home listing.

Step 5: Provide a detailed, full color marketing brochure on your home

How will home-buyers remember your home?

We will provide a full color marketing brochure to highlight your home. This lets potential buyers have all the details of your home at their fingertips and helps to insure that they will remember your home after viewing ten others on a home-buying tour, or several days after they view your home. Doesn't your home deserve to be featured in its own brochure?

Step 6: List your home with a company that out performs and over-achieves in terms of acutal closed sales.

In the past 15 years or so, their company has sold over $465,000,000 in Windham sales.

Step 7: Chose an experienced agent who has outstanding transaction management and negotiation skills to represent your interests.