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Preparing to Sell Your Southern NH Home This Spring? What's the Value of Your House?

Are you're preparing to sell your home in Windham or southern NH this Spring?  There is no more important matter to consider, than establishig a pricing strategy for your home. We are experienced southern NH Realtors that know the Windham market.  What suprises us is how few people take advantage of the free market value reports offered by area real estate agents. Did you know that over 60% of home-sellers list with the first real estate agent they talk with or call. Did you also know that there are real estate agents who "buy the listing" by taking a listing they know is way overpriced. They do this so they can use your listing to procur buyers for other homes. With an investment as large as your home, why wouldn't you ask for more than one opinion of value, just to make sure you have a consensus on the worth of your house? And, why wouldn't you want to hear the marketing proposals of several Realtors. There is many differences in how agents and companies market their home listings and it makes a difference in how fast and at what price your home eventually sells for.

How do Realtors go about establishing a list price on your home?

The correct selling price of a home is the highest price that the market will bear. The market approach is based on the premise that a prudent, informed person will pay no more for a home than it would cost to purchase a comparable substitute. To determine the correct asking price, we have provided you with a comprehensive market analysis of comparable properties that have been recently offered for sale in your community. This analysis is based strictly on homes that can be considered similar to yours, and has been especially prepared for your property.

This market analysis is divided into three categories:

1. Similar properties that are currently listed (the competition).

2. Similar properties that are currently pending.

3. Similar properties that have recently sold.

By carefully studying the comparable property locations, features and terms under which they were offered, we can develop a clear picture of the potential market for your property. By looking at the properties currently listed, we can see exactly what alternatives a serious buyer has to choose from.  We can be certain we are not under pricing the property. By looking at similar properties recently sold, we can see what homeowners have actually received over the last few months.  This is the acid test used by lending institutions to determine how much they will be willing to lend a buyer for your home. By looking a pending property, the most recent sales, we can look for possible pricing trends either upward or downward.

While we naturally want you to receive top market value for your home, we can agree that there’s a point where the pricing would be too high.  By carefully studying the sales record we can determine a price point that will both attract the buyers and get you the maximum possible price in a reasonable amount of time. 

When a new listing comes on the market their is a high level of excitement on the part of potential buyers and real estate agents. This is what's known as the new listing Buzz. If you come on the market at a price that is too high, your listing will not generate the buzz, and will be passed over for listings that do.

Your home will generate the most excitement when it first debuts. For this reason it is very important that your home is priced right and shows great the day you open the door to potential buyers. As the graphic below indicates, the best offers often come when a property is newly listed — if priced to high, it’s difficult to create the momentum necessary to sell your home at the highest price in the least amount of time. .

· It reduces the number of showings.

· Fewer buyers are attracted, and few if any offers received.

· Marketing time is prolonged, and initial marketing momentum is lost.

· It attracts lookers not legitimate buyers.

· It implies that you aren’t motivated to sell.

· It helps the competition look better.

· If the property does sell above true market value, it may not appraise, and the buyers may not be able to secure a loan.

· You may ultimately have to drop your price below market value in order to sell.

Make no mistake, we want you to get the best possible price for your property. However, an asking price that is beyond market range can adversely affect the sale of your property and the price you eventually receive. No amount of advertising, or web-based marketing strategies can overcome a listing price that is just too high.

If your ready to sell your New Hampshire home, why not take advantage of our offer to prepare a market value report on your home?




Distinctive Custom Colonial on Windham NH Cul-de-Sac

Check out this new home listing, in Windham NH, which is set on the end of a cul-de-sac, in a wonderful neighborhood. Greet friends and family in the impressive two story foyer. First floor office is located through french doors, right off the foyer. Spacious living room with bay-front window. Custom kitchen with hardwoods, granite, and gracious china cabinets, plus a wonderful dining area with bay window. The family room features vaulted ceilings and a fireplace. Offered at just $519,900. Call or e-mail for full details. 

Once this Snow Melts, All Hell's Going to Break Loose in the Southern NH Real Estate Market.

Are you kidding me, not another #$&%! snowstorm!  February is shaping up to be one of the snowiest on record, in southern New Hampshire, and its also been really, really (BRRRRRRR) cold. As you can imagine, its not exactly the most ideal conditions in which to show and sell houses in Windham and the surrounding towns of southern NH.  But we continue to solider on, showing homes through the snowdrifts, ice and fridgid temperatures. Actually, we have had a great winter season so far, and have placed many of our home listings under agreement, and helped our buyer clients see past the snow, ice and cold to find the homes of their dreams. 

Now here's a prediction, from somebody who has been in the business for over 30 years. All hell's going to break out once this #$&%! snow melts. I've seen these conditions before. Here's the lowdown. The month of February, during most winters, is usually a period of increasing activity as the days grow longer and warmer. This year that hasn't happened. Many buyers are staying inside, in the warmth of their homes or apartments. Who wants to look at homes when you can't even find them, with all the snow piled in front of them! Here' what's going to happen. As soon as this weather breaks, and the snow starts to melts, and the days get warmer, there is going to be surge of buyers into the market. All the snowmegeddon, pent-up demand, is going to come crashing into the southern NH real estate market, long about March or April.

If you're a seller, you may want to get your home on the market slightly before the start of the traditional Spring market to take advantage of the surge. If you're a buyer, you should establish a relationship with a NH real estate agent now, so you will be ready to pounce as those last snowbanks are melting away. And if you have the chutzpah to start looking for a home now, in the snow and ice, you might just find a better deal than when your're competing with the snow-melt surge of buyers.

Luckily, you can begin your search online now, in the warmth of your home, and if you're a seller, I can assure you we will trudge out in any weather to help your prepare your home for sale. Why not prepare now:  BUYERS HERESELLERS HERE


Did the Winter of 2015 Convince You, Its Time to Move to a Southern NH Condo or +55 Community?

The Winter of 2015 has had a way of showing people that this year might be the time to make a lifestyle change. A southern NH condominium or +55 community may just be the right choice for you. Shoveling walks; the caring and the maintenance of a large single family home is no longer a top priority. You even may be considering living or travelling in a warmer climate during the winter months and don't want to be bothered with the worry of what's happening with your home in southern NH. And when you're here, you want to spend your time with your family, skiing, golfing or with other important lifestyle activities. We currently have listed many upscale Windham condos for sale that just might provide you with what you are looking for, without compromising the quality and attention to detail, you love about your current home. Best of all, southern NH, is within easy reach of all that is available in the greater Boston area. And we know all of the condo and plus fifty five community choices that are available in southern NH in towns such as Londonderry, Pelham and Hudson NH. 








Windham NH Real Estate Agent Lists and Sells Home in Bramley Hill, Windham NH


Vicki Mahoney was the listing and selling agent for this beuatiful custom contemporary, in the Bramley Hill neighbohood, of Windham NH. The house was built by George Dinsmore and had a wonderful setting on a large lot. Bramely Hill is a beautiful neighborhood with leafy, oversized lots. The home featured a dramatic interior and a first floor master bedroom suite. The sales price for this Windham home was $546,412.

If you are considering selling you home, nobody knows the Windham NH, real estate market, better than Prudential Dinsmore Associates, REALTORS. Why not give Vick a call for a free home market evaluation on your home. 479-8798 898-9038 Ext 20 or


What Did Homes Sell for in Windham NH 25 Years Ago?

1990 was an interesting year for real estate in Windham NH. In fact, it was a terrible time for real estate. The stock market crash in 1987 had done a number on the New Hampshire economy. Five largest NH banks all went bankrupt. There were scandals involving developers, bankers and realtors, involving wrap-around loans. Essentially, wraparound loans involved an undisclosed second mortgage that allowed home-buyers to finance 100% of the purchase, a novelty at the time. Brokers and Bankers actually went to jail. Learning nothing, 100%, no-doc loans would become standard practice in the next real estate boom, but nobody ended up going to jail then. 

So 25 years ago, home values were slumping. They began declining in 1988 and continued declining into the early 1990's. Below you will find a varitey of homes that sold. It is interesting to note that the lowest price sale was $89,000 and the highest price sale was $347,000. There were eight sales between $301,000 and $347,000 which was the top range. 15 homes sold between $200,000 and $300,000. 70 single family houses sold that year. 

One other interesting thing about 1990. There were no real estate listings to be found online by consumers. If you wanted to buy a house, you found a real estate office, walked in, the sales person would tell you face to face what was available on the market, and then take you to see them. The MLS listings were all to be found in a printed book or on a computer with only the sales person having access to the information. So here you have some of the sales Prudential Dinsmore Associates, participated in during 1990, in all their smudged ink glory.