Prudential Dinsmore is only Real Estate firm with 3 Agents in the Top Ten for Windham NH Sales in 2015

Prudential-Dinsmore Associates, was the only real estate company, with 3 agents in the top 10, for volume of homes and condominiums sold in Windham, during 2015.

Why does that matter to you ? There were 299 agents in 2015, who listed or sold at least one home or condominium in Windham. That’s a lot of competition. Yet, these three agents beat the competition  from the largest multi-office companies  and  firms. They were able to do it because they know Windham and have the experience and skills, to accomplish the one thing their customers care about.  They know how to get to SOLD. And they are backed by a company that gets results online, has the best marketing tools including professional photographs and color brochures, plus 35 years of transaction management  experience. There’s really not much more to say, because the results speak for themselves. If you’re getting ready to sell your Windham home,  let them show you how they will put their experience to work for you.

Based on information from the Northern New England Real Estate Network, Inc. Based on gross volume of sales of homes and condominiums  in Windham from 01/01/2015 to 12/31/2015 and transaction sides of homes and condominiums sold between 01/01/2015 to 12/31/2015 in Windham



Getting ready to Sell the House in Windham and head out next Spring ?

We’ve helped many long time Windham residents make the transition. We’ve helped them lay the ground work for a successful sale of their current homes, so they could head off to a new location, offering a totally different lifestyle. In 2015, our Windham home-seller clients have downsized, chosen to enjoy the excitement of city life in NYC, headed south to North Carolina, South Carolina and Florida, as well as west to California. Some have moved to be near friends and family, others are just looking for a change, and still others are looking to move on to more affordable options now that their kids are grown and out of the house.

     It is never to early to prepare for the Spring market. We can help you establish a realistic market price and discuss improvements that you can make now to prepare your home for sale. Then when Spring arrives the process of placing you home on the market will be seamless and stress-free.



Windham NH Real Estate Agent Lists and Sells Home in Bramley Hill, Windham NH


Vicki Mahoney was the listing and selling agent for this beuatiful custom contemporary, in the Bramley Hill neighbohood, of Windham NH. The house was built by George Dinsmore and had a wonderful setting on a large lot. Bramely Hill is a beautiful neighborhood with leafy, oversized lots. The home featured a dramatic interior and a first floor master bedroom suite. The sales price for this Windham home was $546,412.

If you are considering selling you home, nobody knows the Windham NH, real estate market, better than Prudential Dinsmore Associates, REALTORS. Why not give Vick a call for a free home market evaluation on your home. 479-8798 898-9038 Ext 20 or vnmahoney@comcast.net


NHAR Releases NH Real Estate Market Data for 2014

The New Hampshire Association of Realtors has just released the NH Real Estate market data for 2014.

For Immediate Release: January 29, 2015 Contact: Dave Cummings NHAR Director of Communications

New Hampshire Real Estate Market Sees Stabilization in 2014.

After a breakthrough 2013, in which the most New Hampshire homes were sold (14,267) since 2005, the market barely missed that mark (14,208) in 2014 – just a .4 percent drop. But the median price of those sales increased to $227,500 for the 2014, a more than 3 percent increase from the previous year and the third consecutive year of price gains.

Sales volume, meaning the total dollars exchanged in those residential transactions, was a robust 5 percent higher in 2014 than the prior year.

"If 2012 was the year of cautions optimism and 2013 was the year that optimism came to fruition, I think it’s safe to call 2014 the year of stabilization," said NHAR President Maxine Goodhue, an 18-year veteran of the real estate industry. "We’re working within the parameters of a recovered real estate market."

December-only numbers showed an 11 percent increase in New Hampshire residential sales, a 3 percent increase in median sales price and a robust 17 percent in sales volume.

Median price is still significantly below the 2005 peak of $270,000, but what that has meant for the last several years is the ability for buyers who might otherwise be priced out of the market to purchase homes.

"We don’t want everything to immediately return to those levels of 10 or 12 years ago," Goodhue said. "What got us there in the first place was unsustainable growth, and we saw what happened as a result of that growth. We’re slowly, consistently moving back in the right direction, so I’ll take that as a good sign."

Average days on the market dropped 5 percent in 2014 (10 percent in December), to an average of 95 days, while pending sales – a forward-looking indicator based on accepted offers – was ahead by just 0.1 percent for the year but 14 percent in December only.

And months’ supply, which measures the number of months it would take to sell off the current inventory of homes at the average pace of sales of the last 12 months, decreased by 12 percent in December, from 8.2 (in 2013) to 7.2 months (in 2014). Typically, months’ supply between 6 and 8 percent is considered a balanced market, with higher supply pointing to a buyers’ market and less supply to a sellers’ market.

Another sign of the times was in new listings, which was better than 8 percent ahead of the previous year in December.

"It’s certainly a different climate than a few years ago," Goodhue said. "It’s a very active market."

Condominium sales in New Hampshire, meanwhile, trended similarly in 2014, with closed sales slightly ahead (0.3 percent) of the previous year and median price ($168,000) more than 4 percent ahead and sales volume at a 5 percent increase. December-only numbers included a 7 percent increase in sales, a 3 percent drop in median price and an 11 percent increase in sales volume.

Locally, 8 of 10 New Hampshire counties saw residential unit sales increases in 2014, with only Merrimack

Beware of Online Pricing Tools!

Online value estimate off $50,000

Both home-buyers and home-sellers should beware of online pricing tools on popular, well known listing portals. If you are a home-seller, you could potentially be losing tens of thousands of dollars if you were ever foolish enough to rely on an online estimate of value. There is also a real danger for home-buyers, especially in a market like we are in today. If you rely on one of these estimates, and base your offer on it, you may lose out on a well priced house, that meets your needs,  because of relying on faulty information. And in a market with limited inventory, it may be very hard to find another home with similar characteristics.

One example of our listings will illustrate the point. Our company just closed on 5 Jefferson Road in Windham. The online estimate of value was $480,027. The property just closed with a sales price of $529,900. If a seller had relied on this estimate of value they would have lost $50,000. Some other examples: A listing on 4 Meadow Road in Windham is priced at $270,500 with a value estimate of $299,767; A listing at 6 Horne Road is priced at $949,900 with a value estimate of $1,173,903. There are many others. As you can see, the value estimates are off both on the high side and the low side. Some of the estimates are fairly close... but should you take the risk of relying on this information? The obvious answer in no.

I have been in the real estate business in southern New Hampshire for over 35 years. There is just no substitute for a professional Realtor's opinion of value. As a seller, you should have at least two to three market value opinions prepared on your home. There are subtle differences between homes that make a huge difference in their "market value." Condition and age often trump square footage. Locational differences also make a huge difference. Computer programs no matter how well conceived, can never replace the opinion of value provided by a real estate professional. Please, no matter whether you are a home-buyer or home-seller, do not rely on online valuations!