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A State of the Art High School and Windham NH Homes Sales

Windham High School is a state of the art facility in New Hampshire that is set to open to students in the fall of 2009. What impact will this brand new facility have on the Windham home sales?

In a National Association of REALTORS study of home buyers neighborhood quality ranked as the highest priority at 68% but the reputation of the school district ranked very high being important to 23% of home-buyers. Of course not all home buyers have children or they may be older with grown children so if the same question was asked of home buyers with school aged children the percentage of people feeling the quality of the school district was important would rise much higher. Windham, New Hampshire has a strong appeal to buyers with school aged children so the new Windham high school will be an important drawing card.

The feeling of people moving to Windham was summed up by a recent letter to the editor of the Windham News written by John D. InDelicato, PhD.  He wrote in part the following, "Like so many other families, one of our primary motivating factors in moving to Windham over seven (7) years ago was the quality and potential of the Windham School system...The overall excellence of the school system, and the extraordinary dedication of both teachers and parents, was the deciding factor, despite a commute to Harvard University, regarding our move to this beautiful town." He states in another place, "The town of Windham and its voters, recognizing the many educational challenges to come, voted with their children's best interest in mind and funded a school worthy of recognition, incorporating the best resources and educational practices that any school in the state has to offer."

When Windham High School opens this fall, it will be a state of the art facility offering educational opportunities that will equip Windham students to compete in the 21st century. Among the many intiatives is in the area of technology where every student will be given a lap-top which will connect them to the class room and to their teachers in a variety of ways.

Yes, taxes have increased somewhat to fund the new high school but when you look at the cost of private school alternatives where tuition can run between $10,000 and $25,000 without room and board, a first class education provided by the community is a real bargain for Windham parents. In difficult economic times this is doubly important.

I know that as a parent of school aged children, there is nothing more important to me then providing the best education possible for them. Yes, the new, state of the art, Windham High School will be selling houses in Windham for many years to come.

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